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Presidents Trophy - “The Colin Young Trophy”

The President’s Trophy is awarded annually by the reigning President to the person(s) who they consider has contributed the most to the workings and well-being of the Club and have acted above and beyond the call of duty.


From the 2017/2018 season, the President’s Trophy is going to be named after a former president of the club in Colin Young, who is known by the nickname of “Youngy” to majority of people within BSCC.  When people at BSCC are mentioned about great administrators of our club, Colin Young is usually at the top of everyone’s list.  Colin serviced as President, Secretary, Treasurer and other roles within BSCC of his many years of service to BSCC.  Colin also served as President for 5 years of the Association that this club currently participates in, being the Box Hill Reporter District Cricket Association (BHRDCA).  Colin was made a Life Member of the Cobras in 1990/1991 and was made a Life Member of the BHRDCA in 2008/2009 for his outstanding service to both organisations.  We are now proud as a club to name this award after Colin for his outstanding service to the Cobras over the years.


1972/73 M. Nash

1973/74 W. Whitelegg

1974/75 D. Wearne

1975/76 G. Henchel

1976/77 P. Axton

1977/78 M. Nash

1978/79 R. Lothian

1979/80 G. Quinn & J. Wilson

1980/81 S. Wilson

1981/82 V. Pandur

1982/83 J. Ryan

1983/84 The Whitelegg Family

1984/85 J. Meddings, L. Perdrix & L. Ball

1985/86 S. Ball & V. Pandur

1986/87 I. Fyfe

1987/88 A. West

1988/89 A. West & C. Young

1989/90 A. West & C. Walton

1990/91 C. Young & W. Guest

1991/92 M. Howells

1992/93 D. Murphy

1993/94 D. Murphy

1994/95 M. Whiting

1995/96 G. Crawford

1996/97 M. Miller

1997/98 D. Alderton

1998/99 P. Gresham

1999/00 N. Grosdanis & T. Grosdanis

2000/01 N. Grosdanis & T. Grosdanis

2002/03 S. Barmby

2003/04 P. Alderton

2004/05 M. De Haas

2005/06 M. De Haas & R. DeJong

2006/07 M. De Haas

2007/08 W. McGeary

2008/09 J. Giuliano

2009/10 D. Field

2010/11 G. Kinsella & A. McFarland

2011/12 B. Dall

2012/13 D. Edwards & M. Magee

2013/14 M. Lane & B. McIlroy

2014/15 N. Smith

2015/16 D. Bryden, C. Murphy & B. Dall

2016/17 N. Smith

2017/18 P. McLaren

2018/19 A. Brennan & R. Upton