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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
1103118126514813503003477103*Rob DeanBlackburn South2018/2019H Grade1 1Yarraleen CC
299179381481350300347799Darren VandenbergBlackburn South2018/2019H Grade1 1Yarraleen CC
38111178171481350300347781Jason BrophyBlackburn South2018/2019H Grade1 1Yarraleen CC
4714112661481350297467371Dale AndersonBlackburn South2018/2019F Grade1 1Manningham
54213219851481350297467342David B SmithBlackburn South2018/2019F Grade1 1Manningham
6419275351481350293170941Robert BoxBlackburn South2018/2019B Grade1 1Wyclif
7403975111481350295323740Nayantha N WeeramanBlackburn South2018/2019Ray McIntosh Shield1 1Glen Waverley Hawks
840163381481350300347740John E AldredBlackburn South2018/2019H Grade1 1Yarraleen CC
9403827271481350293170940Chris StephensBlackburn South2018/2019B Grade1 1Wyclif
10376452131481350293170937Paul PanayotidesBlackburn South2018/2019B Grade1 1Wyclif
11361053141481350300347736Kevin WongBlackburn South2018/2019H Grade1 1Yarraleen CC
123417929311481350295323734William BullBlackburn South2018/2019Ray McIntosh Shield1 1Glen Waverley Hawks
13331053981481350295323733Anthony M GiulianoBlackburn South2018/2019Ray McIntosh Shield1 1Glen Waverley Hawks
14321052731481350295323732Christopher A EdwardsBlackburn South2018/2019Ray McIntosh Shield1 1Glen Waverley Hawks
15321052751481350295323732Mitchell FittonBlackburn South2018/2019Ray McIntosh Shield1 1Glen Waverley Hawks
163011055171481350293170930Jamie LethborgBlackburn South2018/2019B Grade1 1Wyclif
17305954991481350297467330Shane ManzieBlackburn South2018/2019F Grade1 1Manningham
18289841961481350302067528*Ethan PrabaharanBlackburn South/Forest Hill2018/2019Under 16 Sat B Grade2 1Mitcham
19255954681481350297467325Nick BellBlackburn South2018/2019F Grade1 1Manningham
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 25 and 100 runs.

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